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Great experience

Prakash Ruparelia was extremely knowledgeable about my benefits issue, where other firms had not been able to help me. He was communicative and reassuring, and provided sound advice that helped me to avoid issues further down the line. I would recommend his services.

Pensions advice

I highly recommend Prakash Ruparelia from Scott-Moncrieff & Associates. He helped my mother to find a prompt and cost-effective way of resolving her case. At each stage of legal process Prakash gave clear and concise advice and provided an honest appraisal about the merits of our case. This helped us to make informed decisions about what steps to take. Always calm and well-prepared, Prakash worked tirelessly to achieve a brilliant result for us.

M. Zeban

I was very fortunate to have found Prakash Ruparelia to help me. I was going through a bad time physically and mentally to deal with my claim.he made the process so easy and efficient. He is a very honest and professional at what he does . I’m very appreciative of his help.

PIP 1st Tier Tribunal Appeal

I would like to thank Prakash Ruparelia for preparing appeal and representing my son at the PIP Tribunal last week. It was really helpful to have his expert guidance and reassurance throughout what has been a difficult and stressful process. The appeal was successful.

Pip appeal / Tribunal

I had a fantastic experience with Scott-Moncrieff & Associates, my named solicitor was Prakash Ruparelia, he was very knowledgeable/ experienced in the process of personal independence payments appeals, he guided me through the process, reassuring me at all times. He was professional and communication was key for me, he always responded to any queries I had.

I would highly recommend their services and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Debt Advice

Debt Advice

During times of change, it’s easy to find yourself in financial difficulty and in need of expert debt advice, the loss of a job or a break up of a relationship can easily cause a dramatic drop in income which can lead to debt problems.

Being in debt can be very stressful and draining and it is easy to feel lost and confused with all the various debt solutions available. Most people in debt find it useful to discuss their situation with an experienced solicitor who can guide them through all the options available and help them take control of their life again.

I provide a proactive non-judgmental considerate service for dealing with your debts. Free assistance is available from charitable organisations for debt matters but I have had mixed feedback from clients about these services.

Sometimes free service providers may be sufficient but if you need a fully qualified expert solicitor then I would be happy to deal with your debt and insolvency matters. I will provide you with an independent impartial service and will make sure we find you a debt solution that you are comfortable with. 

Expert Debt Advice from a Trusted Solicitor
I offer a dedicated debt advice service, where I provide compassionate, professional, and effective debt solutions to individuals and businesses struggling with financial difficulties.

As a specialist solicitor in debt advice, I understand the stress and uncertainty that debt can bring. My mission is to guide you through this challenging time with tailored advice and support, ensuring you can regain control of your financial future.

Why Choose My Debt Advice Services?
At our firm, we believe in a client-first approach. Here’s why I stand out:

Expertise and Experience:
I am a seasoned solicitor with extensive experience in debt law. I stay updated with the latest legal developments to offer you the most current and effective advice.

Tailored Debt Solutions:

I understand that every financial situation is unique. I take the time to understand your specific circumstances and tailor my advice to suit your needs.

If you are an individual facing mounting credit card debt or a business dealing with cash flow issues, I have the expertise to help.

Confidential and Non-Judgemental Support: I approach every case with empathy and discretion. I know that debt can be a sensitive subject, and I’m committed to providing a safe, non-judgemental space where you can discuss your concerns openly.

My Services
My comprehensive debt advice services include:

Debt Assessment and Management Plans:

I conduct thorough assessments of your financial situation and develop manageable repayment plans tailored to your income and obligations.
Negotiating with Creditors: I act on your behalf to negotiate with creditors, aiming to reduce the pressure from collection actions and possibly lower the amounts owed through settlements.
Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy Advice: For those in severe financial distress, I provide clear guidance on debt relief orders and bankruptcy options, helping you understand the implications and processes involved.

Business Debt Solutions:

If you’re a business owner, I offer specialised advice on managing business debt, restructuring, and insolvency procedures, ensuring the continuity and stability of your business.

How I Work

My process is straightforward and client-centred.

Initial Consultation:

I offer an initial consultation to discuss your situation and understand your needs. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via video call.
Action Plan Development: Based on my assessment, I develop a detailed action plan outlining the steps needed to address your debt issues.

Ongoing Support and Guidance:

I provide continuous support throughout the process, keeping you informed and involved in every decision.

Get in Touch
Don’t let debt control your life. Contact me today to schedule a consultation with a specialist debt advice solicitor. I’m here to help you navigate the complexities of debt with confidence and peace of mind. Your path to financial freedom starts with a single step – let me take that step with you.



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