What People Say About Me

Great experience

Prakash Ruparelia was extremely knowledgeable about my benefits issue, where other firms had not been able to help me. He was communicative and reassuring, and provided sound advice that helped me to avoid issues further down the line. I would recommend his services.

Pensions advice

I highly recommend Prakash Ruparelia from Scott-Moncrieff & Associates. He helped my mother to find a prompt and cost-effective way of resolving her case. At each stage of legal process Prakash gave clear and concise advice and provided an honest appraisal about the merits of our case. This helped us to make informed decisions about what steps to take. Always calm and well-prepared, Prakash worked tirelessly to achieve a brilliant result for us.

M. Zeban

I was very fortunate to have found Prakash Ruparelia to help me. I was going through a bad time physically and mentally to deal with my claim.he made the process so easy and efficient. He is a very honest and professional at what he does . I’m very appreciative of his help.

PIP 1st Tier Tribunal Appeal

I would like to thank Prakash Ruparelia for preparing appeal and representing my son at the PIP Tribunal last week. It was really helpful to have his expert guidance and reassurance throughout what has been a difficult and stressful process. The appeal was successful.

Pip appeal / Tribunal

I had a fantastic experience with Scott-Moncrieff & Associates, my named solicitor was Prakash Ruparelia, he was very knowledgeable/ experienced in the process of personal independence payments appeals, he guided me through the process, reassuring me at all times. He was professional and communication was key for me, he always responded to any queries I had.

I would highly recommend their services and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Landlord and Tenant

Being a landlord is not only a position that comes with great prestige but also a position that comes with great responsibility, the laws relating to housing law in England and Wales are not only lengthy but also complex and it can become expensive for a landlord if they have a tenant who is not complying with the terms of their tenancy agreement or not paying their rent. Successful landlords see the problems early and seek out legal advice at the first point of their problem with a tenancy. This in turn saves time expense and headaches when dealing with troublesome tenants.

  • Possession proceedings–  If you have tenants who have not paid their rent or are behaving in an anti-social way which is causing damage to the property or a disturbance in the neighbourhood, I can assist you in legally removing them from the property and recovering the rent due.
  • Illegal Eviction– If you have been accused of unlawfully evicting a tenant or mortgagee, I will be able to assist in defending you.
  • Disrepair– I can assist in defending disrepair claims.

Being a tenant in a property can sometimes leave you feeling vulnerable and not secure, but there are many legal rights available to tenants, seeking out professional advice at an early stage can help when problems occur with your landlord.

  • Eviction/ Possession Proceedings– If you are facing eviction or have been evicted from your home, there may be remedies available to you that you are unaware of. I can assist you in defending proceedings.
  • Disrepair if you are living in a property that is not being properly maintained by the landlord, I may be able to assist you. Landlords have a statutory duty to meet their responsibilities in relation to the standard of the properties which they let to tenants. I regularly help tenants bring cases against negligent property owners, including local councils.
  • Neighbour Disputes If your neighbours or your landlord are causing problems with noise, litter, antisocial behaviour or harassment, I may be able to assist in getting you a remedy to stop the problems.

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