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Welfare Benefits

The welfare benefits system is full of many complex and technical rules, it can be quite daunting for a claimant to be told they are going to lose the benefits that they have become reliant on, or to be told that they are going to be subject to an accusation of benefit fraud which could lead to a prison sentence and having to repay overpaid benefits. Seeking the correct advice and assistance early can help you get the right result and defend your position against the local authority, DWP or HMRC. I am one of a very few welfare benefits solicitors in the UK with the specialist knowledge to deal with appeals against the DWP, HMRC and the local authority. I can assist with the following type of benefits matters:
  • Appeals
  • Mandatory Reconsiderations
  • Tribunal Representation
  • Defending fraud allegations
I have over 18 years’ experience supervising a team of lawyers specialising in social security and welfare benefits law. I am also experienced in presenting appeals before the Social Security Tribunal. Due to the changes in public funding, legal aid is no longer available for welfare benefits appeals but I can offer a fixed fee service in the following types of welfare benefits matters:

Appeals before the First Tier Social Security Tribunal

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Attendance Allowance

Benefit Fraud Appeals

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Benefit Fraud Interviews

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Employment Support Allowance Appeals (ESA Appeals)

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Personal Independence Payments (PIP Appeals)

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Housing and Council Tax Benefit

Universal Credit

Upper Tribunals

Welfare Benefits claim form completion

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